We help achievers unlock their inner Ultra Human and experience the world with vivid clarity.


The Problem We See...


The majority of products are built to break.

Nowadays, products are shit. They rarely work right and purposefully break costing you even more. Products are built of the poorest quality, focusing on profits over pride (or purpose).


The world has become disconnected.

True human connection has become a thing of the past, yet its necessary for our survival. A lack of true customer service in business & communities amongst people make them feel isolated and alone.


The World hides Real Stories.

The Kardashians overtake our news feeds with stories about what they ate for breakfast while the stories of true heroes are hidden from sight.


We're Changing The World.


By creating exceptional products and content.


When we started Ultra Human, we set out to be better. Not just a little better, but UNBELIEVABLY better. We spared no expense to build only the highest quality, truly exceptional products. Immense passion and intention is placed in every piece of content,  every supplement, and every product. We help achievers unlock their inner Ultra Human and experience the world with vivid clarity.

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.

By building an open ecosystem of true human connection.


The Ultra Human website is a rapidly expanding ecosystem of articles, education, and communication to help you achieve anything you set out to do. We will consistently offer valuable information to support you living life to its fullest. Everything from productivity and motivation tips to events and community gatherings across the US for people that think like us and want to connect with other go-getters and achievers.

By redefining what an Ultra Human is and telling stories of true role models.


The Ultra Human stories are stories that'll inspire you, convict you, and awaken you. We aim to share stories that you won't hear anywhere else, right from the moths of Ultra Humans. 


What Can We Help You Achieve?

I Want To:


125 MGS


300 MGS


200 MGS



1 Tablet = 8 Hours of Vivid Clarity.

Ultra Human’s The DaVinci is a revolutionary state of the art masterpiece in human functional technology and is unlike anything you have consumed in the past. Our formulation was uniquely designed to put you in a clear, creative zone of free flowing mental energy for up to 8 hours. This true human performance enhancer is the most advanced Nootropic in the world and is a must-have for entrepreneurs, athletes, bio-hackers, or anyone looking to unlock their potential and rise above.

2017 is going to move very, very fast and ‘Upping Your Game’ with relentless drive, motivation and raw focus is a sure fire way to get ahead of the pack, making the difference between fully thriving and barely surviving. 

Don’t invest another day in sub-optimal performance… Try it risk-free today and experience the power of harnessing your “Inner DaVinci” and unlocking YOUR true potential. 


Guaranteed. Period.

We stand strongly behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with our products, we will refund 100% of your money back.