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Ultra High-Grade Supplements for Peak Physical & Mental Performance


Ultra Human Supplements support mental performance and promote optimal health!

Science Meets Nature

See the world with vivid clarity

Our products are made without adding artificial sweeteners, dyes, sugar, gluten, preservatives, or GMO’s. We pride ourselves on not using cheap fillers and false marketing hype!

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Guaranteed. Period.

We stand strongly behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with our products, we will refund 100% of your money back.


I personally guarantee all Ultra Human™ products to be the utmost honest, ethical and effective. Not only is The Ultra Human™ one of the most advanced and effective series of products to ever be conceived on the market, it’s also my life’s work.

Jason Dhir, CEO, Founder & Ultra Human

We are…

We make Professional strength, Pharmaceutical Grade, Precision Engineered products. Nothing but the absolute best, Period. Others claim to make ‘the best’ yet they are laden with artificial junk, cheap fillers, poor quality raws and often harmful substances? It’s unacceptable.

We are…

From posting actual invoices of what we pay to manufacture our products to fearless live streamed Q&A, we have nothing to hide and believe in operating with honesty and integrity. You are never just a customer with Ultra Human. You are and will always be a valued client.

We are…

Ultra Human is fearless about going to places other companies don’t want to go when it comes to making exceptional products. We make products with a minimalist margin and NO COG’s to avoid diluting products. Our tribe focuses on purpose over profits.

“Really clean product. I was zoned in and had good energy for most of the day. Close to 8 hours is what i experienced. You have an option of taking 2 doses, however i stuck to 1 and it worked perfectly. Definitely recommend to anyone.”


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