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“Really clean product. I was zoned in and had good energy for most of the day. Close to 8 hours is what i experienced. You have an option of taking 2 doses, however i stuck to 1 and it worked perfectly. Definitely recommend to anyone.”


“I absolutely LOVE The DaVinci! It is one of my favorite products to take. I like that I don’t feel that strong “come on” effect, but after I take it I start to realize that something has changed. I no longer feel that morning fogginess, yet a feeling of a higher level of energy and without the strong caffeine feeling that you get with products that have caffeine in them. And a feeling of a more creative and more calm mindset that I would expect. I love taking this product before a work day, a day spent creating things, or a day with a busy schedule. It really works and works great! And you never feel any type of crash! What’s amazing is I’ve gotten all of this from taking 1 pill! I have recommended this product to my parents, family and friends. All who have tried have loved it too and take it daily now! It has been a complete life changer in my daily routine and I would say to everyone who hasn’t tried it yet to absolutely go out and do so!”


“I took THE DAVINCI before I went to my 6am yoga class. I am not the one to get up at 5:20 in the morning! Could not believe how alert and focused I was! My energy too was consistent and not jittery. This product is for sure going to be a life changing experience for people. All ingredients are safe for me to take as well since I am on dialysis. I would recommend this to all friends and family.”


“With 2 hours of sleep and a two hour drive ahead of me, I decided to try the DaVinci… What happened? I was the most alert I’ve ever been when driving a long distance. I was zoned in, calm and alert. There was no jitteriness and it removed my brain fog. This alertness and energy lasted for hours. This is one of the greatest products I’ve taken. A must try by all.”


“I have taken many energy products and my two biggest issues with most was 1. too strong and gave me jitters and 2. Energy lasted maybe 1-2 hours then I would “crash.” I started by taken 1 per day first thing in the morning and I noticed the energy within 30min. The energy lasted well into the late afternoon which I was happy about but was still dragging during my late night workout. The next day I took 1 tablet in the morning and 1 around 2pm and my workout was greatly improve with both more energy and better focus. Best part is I still did not get any jitters at the 2 tablet dose and I was still able to get a restful sleep (per apple watch sleep app)! My absolute favorite product now that I take every day to accomplish my hectic work schedule. Highly recommend for everyone!”


“I have tried numerous supplement. This stuff is incredible, I feel not only alert but incredibly focused, I complete workouts with a whole new level of intensity. Ultra is non jittery, I don’t feel sick to my stomach when I eat (that has happened with other stuff on the market) overall amazed.”


“I’m a law student at a top state school. I can say with full confidence –this is the best product for productivity. It’s clean, consistent, zen-like energy. Studying on this is amazing. And it lasts…The packaging itself was an experience. Unboxing it was just incredible. And I’m not exaggerating. The whole thing is a work of art.”


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