Moment of Inertia

“There is no Avalanche without first a Snowball.” - Jason Dhir

Take it from Iron Man himself.

After being tipped for stardom, Robert Downey Jr spent the late 1990s and early 2000s addicted to heavy drugs. He went from the red carpet to earning eight cents an hour scrubbing pizza pans in the kitchen of the LA County jail during regular stints in prison.

How did he make such a huge change in his fortunes?

It didn’t take a superhero suit. All it took was him finding his truth.

Downey later appeared on the Oprah Show he was asked how he went from washing dishes in prison to transforming himself into the highest-paid actor in the world.

“Getting off drugs was really easy,” he said. “It was making the decision to get off drugs that was the hard part.” 

He did what is probably the hardest, but most important part in self-actualization… The Moment of Inertia. 

He identified his truth and owned who he was, then took the necessary steps to thrust himself out of the hole that he had dug himself into.

Throughout your lifespan, there are inevitable points like this where a life altering decision happens in an instant. 

We’ve all felt our consciousness pulling us in one direction while our life seems to be heading in the opposite. And even while you might want to make a change, you aren’t moving where you want to just yet. 

But then there comes a moment where an epiphany happens with such magnitude, that it causes a heavy and immediate ‘shift’ in the opposite direction. 

You look around you. Consider where you are. Who you are. And decide what you want out of life. 

This is your Moment of Inertia.

“The truth will set you free”

We’re all familiar with Newton’s First Law of Motion, also known as the Law of Inertia “A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion until acted on by an external force.”

Here, the external force is Truth.

This ‘Shift’ happens in a fraction of a fraction of a second of time. Something clicks, and you see or feel something that changes your viewpoint on how you want to live. 

You’ve heard people say “I did a 180” or “I turned my life around at that very moment”. 

Whether it came from anger or pain or wanting fervently to run towards a goal, it is all the same. There is no way to make this shift in perception unless you stop avoiding the truth and accept that your current direction is not working for you. No matter how vulnerable you may become or how much ego you must devour, you will begin to move forward.

The truth is the ‘bottom level’ of the Moment of Inertia. The external force that stops the previous motion and redirects it on a new path.

The first step in embodying the Ultra Human Lifestyle, and its ability to support your greater purpose is truth and acceptance. The second step and equally important step is action.

In every AA meeting there is one fundamental thing that each person does before they speak. They stand up. State their name. And then say “I AM an alcoholic” or whatever their particular situation of abuse. 

I AM is them finding their truth and owning it.

Once this pinnacle moment is ‘awakened’, you must completely own who you are, come to terms with it, and then take the steps to move forward in a manner that best suits your ambitions. 

This is why Ultra Human’s identify themselves as “I AM ________. They have began the first step in the Self Actualization process. They identify with being divergent and they embrace all the powers that come with that. 

Harness the moment that you decide to make this paradigm shift and release whatever is holding you back or slowing you down…

For no longer are you taking orders from the world around you. But you are now paving your own path. You’ve taken the reins on your life and can steer it in whatever direction and speed that you please.

Your Ultra Human waits within.
Achieve Anything.

About Cody:

Cody Journell is an Athlete, Writer, Creator & Coach. He was a D-1 Football Sports Illustrated All-American, Marketing Major, and Honors Graduate while at Virginia Tech. He now writes and creates brand strategies for companies like the Ultra Human. His specialty is uncovering the essence of things. Whether it’s life, spirituality, or the identity of a brand. He inspires others to think differently. Shifting their perspective to add value to the world and foster growth.

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