Interview With Jason Dhir - CEO and Founder of Ultra Human

Q: What is The Ultra Human?

A: Its a brand that represents the bigger picture of life. It is about having exceptional values, something that few people seem to have any more. People speak their message through different platforms and mediums. Some do it through movies, some through music and some through art or other various forms they can connect to their audience through. It’s unusual but, designing performance supplements and throwing extreme events have been my two platforms I engage with people in, hence I produced a line of product for people that want to operate consistently at an exceptional level and get more out of life.

My website and social media is a home and community to support free thinkers, innovators, and achievers. Let’s raise our standard and hopefully others will strive to do the same. Society has lost its values and is a poor state of complacency, but rather than complain, I wanted to do something about it, and that’s how the brand was born.


Q: How exactly do you relay your message through your brand?

A: There are two parts – 1) Our Culture and 2) Our Products

For our Culture – The Ultra Human website is a rapidly expanding ecosystem of articles, education, and communication to help you achieve anything you set out to do. We will consistently offer valuable information to support you living life to its fullest. Everything from productivity and motivation tips to events and community gatherings across the US for people that think like us and want to connect with other go-getters and achievers.

For our Products – we start with the philosophy that ‘our style is our substance’ by making exceptional products. Let’s focus on legit, ethical, real raw materials – non–GMO, gluten free, highest grade, nothing artificial. Then we carefully design and structure everything into an actual formula. Not some BS crap that someone threw together because it looked interesting. No, lets clinically do our ingredients and make a product that works and is the real deal front to back. As each batch of the final product hits the market, we post a Certificate of Analysis on our website so consumers can see 3rd party testing on all our goods.

Once that is done – We follow up with unparalleled customer service and continue to enrich our clients lives with the entire Ultra Human Experience, from new products to podcasts & free seminars.


Q: What do you think about the current state of the supplement industry?

A: The industry itself is stale, boring, non-original, tacky and sublime. It’s a ‘me-too’ private label based system that has no taste and continues to produce mediocrity. It wasn’t long ago that a company was bragging about a product they created which claimed: “If it’s on the label, it’s in the bottle!” Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t that be standard? It needs to stop. Many companies make cheap junk and use tactics such as fairy dusting and amino spiking to make a quick buck. We even saw a major online player recently get busted for Photoshopping Instagram models. Not good.

Q: Your first product in the Ultra Human line-up is a nootropic, which is unusual to see. Why?

A: We are focused heavily on the nootropics/cognitive enhancement market because in my opinion, it is the most confusing and deceptive sector of the supplement market. Consumers are purchasing under dosed and potentially dangerous products. You should not under any circumstances be ‘playing around or experimenting’ with your brain chemistry or taking some brain pill with a loosely tied proprietary blend in it that you don’t understand. Getting self-educated would be great, but the current information available online is so poor and so biased. We want to take the guesswork out of Nuero-focus supplements and offer valuable education to help ultimately develop a more efficient, higher functioning society of successful and happy individuals.


Q: What is The DaVinci?

A: It’s what I consider being the most flawless product ever designed as a supplement. An Ultra Nootropic. With a simple dosage protocol of only 1-2 tablets taken once per day, users report being razor sharp focused for as long as 8 hours. It has a stimulatory effect but different than standard caffeine products which put you in a wired but negative reactive state. The DaVinci keeps your alpha waves in a good clean ratio so you still feel the calm, alert state and can do an abundance of creative work.


Q: Why is the product called The DaVinci?

A: Simply put – it is the modern day “DaVinci’s” that move the world forward. The ones who do things differently and often go against societal norms. People become victims of negative pattern, and they keep doing things the same way over and over until a rebellious, free-thinking individual courageously stands up and dares to say that there is a better way of doing something. Elon Musk made the highest rated electrical four-door sedan that goes 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, and Steve Jobs made a miniature device that can hold up to 1000 songs. When they both started they knew there was a better way. A different way than the norm at that time. These guys are modern day DaVinci’s. We are about breaking down societal norms and creating a better way.


Q. How can people become part of The Ultra Human Lifestyle:

A. Simple. Make the decision right now that you are committed to excellence. I offer products and an ecosystem to assist and support a community of us, but even outside of that – the decision must come from with you. It is a commitment raise your standards and values and go the distance with anything you do in life. Family, friends, work ethic and commitment.

You can sign up for our Ultra Human Lifestyle Letter and feel free even to E-mail me direct at We can even schedule a call to connect. I’m here, my crew is here. We want to hear from you and enjoy engaging with like-minded, driven individuals.

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