About our Founder - Jason Dhir

Jason Dhir has been involved in the fitness and sports nutrition supplementation industry for 18 years since his youth. Born in the United Kingdom, Jason relocated to the United States to live his dream. Following the motto that ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link’, Jason has a vast background in every facet of the industry including import/export, product distribution, producing trade shows, published articles of work, philanthropic work, athlete contracting, brokering, marketing, sales, conceptual design, product formulation and development.


Jason also owned and operated a Retail store, a Consulting Company and a Production Company. All 3 businesses have thrived for over 10 years, a rare feat in private business ownership sector. Jason’s out of the box thinking methods, relentless passion and ability to solve some of the most intense problems, has earned him a much sought after status from major global corporations. Jason has set multiple production and attendance records for his creative, over the top and audacious after-parties, and has worked with celebrities and fitness athletes from around the world.


Jason currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and recently launched his latest venture with The Ultra Human Lifestyle and The DaVinci. Both brands offer people the opportunity to maximize their inner personal mental and physical potential to function and operate at an optimal level. These innovate methods are also coupled with advanced engineered, clinically researched cognitive enhancing supplements. As with all his ventures, a portion of proceeds will be allocated to funding underprivileged child education.

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