Coffee VS Nootropics


Well, as much as most of us love a good, charming, energizing cup of coffee to get us checking off that task list, its not as productive of a tool as you might think. Starbucks thousands of locations nationwide certainly prove its still the mass stimulant of choice, but the ultimate question is... does it really enhance performance the way we think it does?

Sure we like that temporary buzz as a quick pick me up, but unfortunately even with several popular attributes, coffee still has it's cons on the back end...


The Expense: Ranging at a local Starbucks in the common range of $2.45 - $5.25, with a basic low end plain grande coffee going for $2.10, while a venti flavored latte can be yours for $5.25, coffee can be one expensive habit. 2 fixes a day can run you up a $300/month tab, not to mention picking up scones, CD's, mints, cakes, and other various treats along the way. To put this into perspective... the average American gym membership in 2017 is $58/month.


The Calories: (Ignore this if your prefer yours plain) but many Frappuccinos are running in the 500-600 calorie range. Even a plain coffee with a few bells and whistles such as basic creamer and a couple pumps of syrup make the calorie counter drift up to 200-300 pretty fast.


Acidity & Teeth Staining: the average black Coffee has a pH of 5 often causing upset stomach for consumers due to its acidic nature. In addition to this, the lucrative liquid also has another dark side... Teeth Staining. Teeth enamel is easily influenced by the brownish color of coffee and many consumers notice the slow progression of their teeth changing in appearance.


Mycotoxins and carcinogens: Mycotoxins are toxic chemicals produced by molds (type of fungus), organisms that are ubiquitous in the environment. Molds and mycotoxins can be found in crops like grains and coffee beans. Recently a study was published showing 18 of 40 coffee brews from commercially available coffee beans contained Ochratoxin A (carcinogen that may be harmful to the brain and kidneys). Keep in mind (similar to mercury found in fish) that levels found are often considered in the safe range, but then again, with long term or excess consumption its yet to be confirmed.


Brain Function: Yep, thats right. I know this one is tough to believe because of coffee being a powerful CNS stimulant giving us and energetic buzz, but ultimately there are too facts about coffee that can hinder our mental performance. 

  1. It can actually decrease the amount of oxygenation to the brain. Studies have show by up to 30%.
  2. If can throw your brain waves into a highly reactive 'Beta-State'. Meaning the true 'in the zone state;' - a high alpha wave state that is calm, yet alert can easily be surpassed with over stimulation, throwing you up in a tissy. Creative ability, problem solving and hand eye brain coordination is not optimal at this level.

So... with all this said, and how much we still enjoy the stimulating feel of coffee... whats the solution?

Well, to share a quick personal experience with you... 

I know, I know... your thinking I'm going to give you a tacky product pitch, but I'm not... I'm just going to state some factual information and tell you what happened...

About 3 years ago, I had my last cup of coffee. As much as I enjoyed it, I didn't like all the cons that came with it. Paying notable attention to how my body was reacting to it - I finally hit the wall. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Dublin, Ohio in a meeting and found getting madly sick after only 1/2 cup. Could be toxins, could be allergies, could be adrenal fatigue... who knows. I found myself shutting down the rest of my day to recover and called it quits on coffee. This wasn't productive for a high functioning business owner. I couldn't walk around looking and feeling 'rough' quitting my day. So, I candidly switched to tea moving forward so i still enjoy a warm beverage and bantering in meetings at the local. I also decided to do something else about it...

Enter the worlds first true Ultra Nootropic, The DaVinci.

I wanted to make a natural supplement for those looking to experience Mental clarity, focus and concentration. So, I put together a dream team of unique ingredients such as Teacrine, Vinpocetine, Alpha-GPC, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Huperzine, Theanine, Certified Organic Green tea and other specified raw materials to enhance productivity and brain function instead of hinder it.

Years of research and money were then invested to design this legit cognitive enhancement and support product that has one goal in mind: Lets offer ALL of the pros with NONE of the cons of typical 'stims'. 

I built The DaVinci to provide over 8 hours of steady, clean energy that you are looking for, and also offer true cognitive support by multiple pathway to provide benefits such as:

  • Little to no adrenal down regulation.
  • Avoid de-oxygenation to the brain unlike coffee.
  • No crash. The effects last for a steady 8 hour shift.
  • Actually enhance brain function, creativity and drive via optimized brain waves.
  • No acidity or teeth staining like coffee.
  • No calories.
  • Portable. Conveniently carry it anywhere.
  • Put it all in a single tablet to take once per day.
  • Extremely cost efficient.

The end result? 

Feeling great and having the most productive days yet.

Im not just 'stim-junkie'ing' it through anymore. My intent and drive feels clear, focused and consistent.

I also feel good about consuming The DaVinci, knowing what I put in it. The quality of selected raw materials and knowing there are no side effects that come with it. I have actually built something healthier, more effective and yet less expensive for the consumer. So its something that I want to share with the world. 


Here are some reviews of what other users are saying about the nootropic: 


If you are interested in giving it a try, we now offer single tabs on our website. This was with the intention of letting people test drive the product VS their normal stimulant ritual. We recommend purchasing 3 single tabs to start, and trying 1 tab by itself first. Then, if you would like a stronger more pronounced effect, going up to 2 tabs. Most users (including myself) find 1 tab to be the sweet spot, but larger, more experienced individuals that may have a different metabolism find their ideal dose to vary.

And don't worry... ALL orders on our site come with Free Shipping (no minimums!) every day AND a full money back guarantee. Also, just for reading our blog, use ULTRA10 for a bonus 10% off.

I got burned in the past many times with people telling me to 'upgrade' from what I was doing, only to run back to my original protocol. So - I make it easy on the clients we serve by offering trials with nothing to lose and everything to gain.


For your order of 3 tabs for only $9.42 & Free Shipping & Money Back Guarantee, click here: 

Here's to the Ultra You,

Jason Dhir

CEO, Founder & Productivity Junkie

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