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Ultra Human’s The DaVinci is a revolutionary state of the art masterpiece in human functional technology and is unlike anything you have consumed in the past. Our formulation was uniquely designed to put you in a clear, creative zone of free flowing mental energy for up to 8 hours. This true human performance enhancer is the most advanced Nootropic in the world and is a must-have for entrepreneurs, athletes, bio-hackers, or anyone looking to unlock their potential and rise above.

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1 Tablet = 8 hours of vivid clarity.


The innovative patent-protected and technology-driven fusion of caffeine and pTeroPure provides a novel next-generation functional caffeine alternative.

  • PURENERGY ® delivers almost 30% more caffeine into the blood than ordinary caffeine.
  • ~43% Caffeine & ~57% pTeroPure, a 99% pure nature-identical all-trans pterostilbene with seven patents issued or pending.
  • At 6 hours, subjects taking PURENERGY® showed significantly less fatigue and greater concentration, alertness, energy and focus  compared to baseline. Ordinary caffeine did not.
  • The potential for a more moderated and gradual finish, may prevent the “crash” experienced with caffeine products and has showed no adverse events.

TeaCrine® works with the body’s natural metabolic processes to deliver longer lasting energy, increase mental clarity and improve mood and motivation.It has a multi-pronged effect that is ideal for physique athletes and driven professionals who want to push harder. TeaCrine® initiates and supports metabolic and enzymatic processes that lead to better performance whether on the playing field or in the office.*

  • Supports healthy metabolic activity and energy production
  • Decreases physical discomfort associated with intense exercise
  • Increases cellular protection though antioxidant activity
  • Supports a positive mood and decreased feelings of stress and irritability
  • Increases motivation and neural drive to exercise and accomplish tasks

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