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Jason Dhir Podcast #5

Jason revisits Tiffanie's dating life after a 30 day remission from online dating. Discussion also includes being 'present' in daily experience and less focused on needs, validations and excess materialisms.

Jason Dhir Podcast # 4

Columbus, Ohio is officially one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Today's guest is Ohio real estate mogul John Delia, as he joins us to discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Conversation includes doing whatever it takes to succeed, having to fire his...

Jason Dhir podcast # 3

After being diagnosed with Cancer and being ejected out of her long time corporate America career, Lisa Nicolette took it upon herself to start a modeling career, her own cleaning Business, and simultaneously author the book FitSurvivor, a modern guide to surviving in...

Jason Dhir Podcast # 2

Jason banters with his co-host Tiffanie about her dating life, approaching men facing rejection, and the disconnection of intimacy with modern technology.

Jason Dhir Podcast # 1

Jason Dhir Interviews Mark Cannella about Drug use at the Olympics, the Rapid growth of CrossFit & Olympic Lifting, and the Transgender movement in sports.