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What Are They Saying About The DaVinci

“I’m a law student at a top state school. I can say with full confidence –this is the best product for productivity. It’s clean, consistent, zen-like energy. Studying on this is amazing. And it lasts…The packaging itself was an experience. Unboxing it was just incredible. And I’m not exaggerating. The whole thing is a work of art.”

~ Patrick

“Day 1 of The DaVinci was remarkable. Being in the zone every minute non-coincidentally resulted in my top sales month to date. Zero burnout. If peak performance is what you’re after, experience The DaVinci.”

~ Richard

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mgs TeaCrine®



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mgs Theanine

**Dosage per 2 tablets

The DaVinci Ultra Nootropic

Ultra Human’s The DaVinci is a revolutionary state of the art masterpiece in human functional technology and is unlike anything you have consumed in the past. Our formulation was uniquely designed to put you in a clear, creative zone of free flowing mental energy for up to 8 hours. This true human performance enhancer is the most advanced Nootropic in the world and is a must-have for entrepreneurs, athletes, bio-hackers, or anyone looking to unlock their potential and rise above.
2017 is going to move very, very fast and ‘Upping Your Game’ with relentless drive, motivation and raw focus is a sure fire way to get ahead of the pack, making the difference between fully thriving and barely surviving.
Don’t invest another day in sub-optimal performance… Try it risk-free today and experience the power of harnessing your “Inner DaVinci” and unlocking YOUR true potential.

You. Enhanced.

Supplement Facts

  • TeaCrine® is a registered trademark and protected by Patents Pending,
    Serial No. 61/903,362; under exclusive global distribution by  Compound Solutions, Inc.
  • PURENERGY® and TeroPure® are trademarks of ChromaDex Inc. See
  • Bioperine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corp.

Dosing Protocol







Business Executives

What Is A Nootropic?


Nootropics (pronunciation: /noʊ.əˈtrɒpᵻks/ noh-ə-trop-iks)—also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers—are drugs, supplements, or other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.[1][2]The word nootropic was coined in 1972 by a Romanian psychologist and chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea,[6][7] from the Greek words νους nous, or “mind”, and τρέπειν trepein meaning to bend or turn.[8]Source: [1][2][6][7][8]

The Science Behind THE DAVINCI™

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The innovative patent-protected and technology-driven fusion of caffeine and pTeroPure provides a novel next-generation functional caffeine alternative.

  • PURENERGY ® delivers almost 30% more caffeine into the blood than ordinary caffeine.
  • ~43% Caffeine & ~57% pTeroPure, a 99% pure nature-identical all-trans pterostilbene with seven patents issued or pending.
  • At 6 hours, subjects taking PURENERGY® showed significantly less fatigue and greater concentration, alertness, energy and focus  ompared to baseline. Ordinary caffeine did not.
  • The potential for a more moderated and gradual finish, may prevent the “crash” experienced with caffeine products and has showed no adverse events.

Caffeine Vs. PURENERGY


TeaCrine® works with the body’s natural metabolic processes to deliver longer lasting energy, increase mental clarity and improve mood and motivation.It has a multi-pronged effect that is ideal for physique athletes and driven professionals who want to push harder. TeaCrine® initiates and supports metabolic and enzymatic processes that lead to better performance whether on the playing field or in the office.*
* Supports healthy metabolic activity and energy production*
* Decreases physical discomfort associated with intense exercise*
* Increases cellular protection through antioxidant activity*
* Supports a positive mood and decreased feelings of stress and irritability*
* Increases motivation and neural drive to exercise and accomplish tasks*
Effect Size of 200 mg dose of TC over course of 7-day repeated dose study relative to baseline on: Fatigue: -0.64, Anxiety: -0.59, Libido: 0.71
unnamed (1)
Effect Size of 200 mg dose of TC over course of 7-day repeated dose study relative to baseline on: Energy: 0.63, Motivation to Exercise: 0.58, Concentration: 0.60

Guaranteed. Period.


We stand strongly behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with our products, we will refund 100% of your money back.

Our Place in Your World

The Ultra Human Brand follows a science-meets-nature philosophy to strive to design, formulate and produce the most innovative and effective products for individuals wanting to consistently function at an Exceptional level. We NEVER compromise on our quality, our ethics, nor our deep rooted values. Our ‘soul’ purpose is to design a holistic ecosystem to help people harness their ‘Inner DaVinci’ and fulfill their greater potential. Together we can create and support an exceptional community of free thinkers, innovators, and achievers committed to overcoming any challenge and reaching the highest success.

I personally guarantee all Ultra Human products to be the utmost honest, ethical and effective. With a die hard lifetime commitment to spare no efforts nor expense and produce only the absolute best, I invite you to try our products and see for yourself. Not only is The Ultra Human one of the most advanced and effective series of products to ever be conceived on the market, it’s also my life’s work.  

Jason Dhir, CEO, Founder & Ultra Humanunnamed (1)

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